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R Theory NA/NB MX-5 Miata Aluminum Fender Vents (1990-2005)

R Theory NA/NB MX-5 Miata Aluminum Fender Vents (1990-2005)

Your car’s wheels are a source for turbulence. As you travel through the air, the tire creates turbulent air and pressure builds up in the fenders. Fender vents are commonly used to bleed off that built up pressure and the result is less drag and less lift.

R Theory Motorsports designed these fender vents around the body lines of the NA/NB Miata which allows for an OEM appearing appearance. The vents were also wool tuft tested to ensure proper air evacuation from the fender. Improperly designed vents will force air into the fender through the vents. R Theory vents were tested to ensure this does not happen.

Check out the wool tuft test video here:

Kit includes:

-Rivets for installation

-Templates for cutting fender

-Two aluminum Fender Vents

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