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APR Performance FRS/BRZ/GT86 Carbon Fiber Mirrors

APR Performance FRS/BRZ/GT86 Carbon Fiber Mirrors

When it comes to reducing aerodynamic drag to a car, the APR Formula GT3 Mirrors are an excellent choice. The APR Formula GT3 Carbon Fiber Mirrors are designed to give race inspired looks with the functionality of reducing drag and eliminating blind spots with wide angle mirror lenses.


Carbon Fiber Construction

All APR Formula GT3 Mirror housings are reinforced with layers of carbon fiber sheets for weight reduction and added strength.

Wide Range of Adjustment

Every Formula GT3 Mirror include a left to right pivot arm at the mirror housing with an adjustable ball stub rod to allow a wide range of adjustment.

Aerodynamic Shape to Reduce Drag

These carbon fiber mirrors are compact and aerodynamically shaped for a low drag coefficient.

5.5" Wide Angle Convex Mirror Lens

Convex lenses are used on both driver and passenger sides mirrors to eliminate blind spots. Blue anti-glare mirror lenses are included to reduce reflections from headlight glare during nighttime driving. Please note: Blue anti-glare mirror lenses found only on 5.5" wide APR Formula GT3 Mirror housings.

APR Performance Part Number: CB-508032B

Mirrors are made to order. Please allow around 2-3 weeks for manufacturing.

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