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R Theory NA/NB Miata Low Profile Mixing Manifold (Lower Water Neck)

R Theory NA/NB Miata Low Profile Mixing Manifold (Lower Water Neck)

Spruce up your engine bay and add some functionality to your coolant plumbing at the same time! R Theory Motorsports designed this Low Profile Mixing Manifold to ease the pain of routing water lines to your turbo, while also simplifying the routing of your lower radiator hose.

The Low Profile Mixing Manifold is CNC Machined out of 6061 aluminum and in our signature blue finish. It comes with the gaskets and hardware required for install. We include fittings and a hose to replace the lower heater core hose. Only hose that is not included is the coolant hose that goes to your turbo, since the hose length will change from set up to set up.

Compatibility Notes:

For 1990-2005 Miatas. Not compatible with the factory hydraulic powersteering pump. Compatible with turbocharged and non-turbocharged Miatas. Select the correct fitting for your current coolant set up. Contact us if you need assistance choosing a fitting.

Kit Contents:

-Aluminum Low Profile Mixing Manifold, qty 1

-Stainless Steel Bolts, qty 2

-Gasket, qty 1

-Heater core hose and fitting, qty 1

-Turbo line fitting, qty 1

    Excluding GST/HST
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