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R Theory NA/NB MX-5 Miata Carbon Fiber GT250 Wing Kit (1990-2005)

R Theory NA/NB MX-5 Miata Carbon Fiber GT250 Wing Kit (1990-2005)

Keep the rear end of your NA/NB Miata planted with the R Theory Carbon Fiber GT250 Wing Kit. This wing kit utilizes APR Performance’s GT250 Carbon Fiber 2D Airfoil paired with aluminum wing stands. The stands are designed by R Theory to sit the wing right at the roof line of your Miata and slightly behind the rear bumper. This allows for optimal wing effectiveness while still remaining in the class rules for more racing organizations. The wing stands are precision waterjet cut out of 6061 aluminum and finished off in a semi gloss black powder coat finished.

Wing comes in 3 different widths that you can choose based on your application:

61 Inch- For those looking to add downforce while not adding as much drag (Ideal for stock Miata Power)

64 Inch- Same width as a Miata body, most racing organizations allow wings as wide as the body of the car. So this is ideal for those looking to maximize downforce while staying within class rules.

67 Inch- The sky’s the limit, for those who can’t get enough downforce.

71 inch wings are available for an extra fee, email us to get a quote.

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