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R Theory NA/NB MX-5 Miata Chassis Mounted Front Splitter Kit (1990-2005)

R Theory NA/NB MX-5 Miata Chassis Mounted Front Splitter Kit (1990-2005)

Prices are in USD. All mounting hardware is included. For international shipping please visit our International Shipping page for a shipping quotation.

For years we have been making the most popular Rear Diffuser kits for Miatas, but we’ve always been missing a front downforce solution. After lots of trials and testing we’re proud to finally offer our NA/NB Miata Front Splitter kit. The R Theory Front splitter kit is chassis mounted and uses existing bolt holes in the chassis. So no drilling into the chassis is required making installation easy. The mounts are designed to withstand the large downward forces generated by the splitter, but also designed to flex if you accidentally crash your splitter into curbing or go off the track into the grass. This means a mishap will just bend the mounts instead of bending your chassis. With most mishaps you’ll be able to bend the mounts back into place so you don’t have to buy new mounts.

The splitter blade itself is CNC cut from 6mm Alumalite, which means it will not warp from heat like the ABS plastic splitters on the market. It will also stand up to the abuse of high speed racetrack use for years to come. The splitter size is 66” by 19.625”.

The splitter mounts are height adjustable so the splitter will clear whatever front lip you are using. The mounts are CNC cut out of mild steel to ensure proper strength without adding too much weight. The mounts are powder coated matte black so they remain corrosion free and hidden behind your bumper.


1) Two of the mounts bolt to the factory Tow Hook mounts. They will not be compatible with the factory “baby teeth” tow hooks/tie downs, but the splitter mounts will be compatible with most aftermarket tow hooks. If you have any doubts about fitment with your tow hook, please email If you need Tow Hooks, we sell those too: Tow Hook/License Plate Mount

2) The kit does not come with splitter rods, but we can supply APR Performance Stainless Steel splitter rods as an add on.

3) You will NOT be required to drill into the frame of your Miata to install our Splitter mounts, it is a bolt on item. However we do not drill holes for the splitter rods and rear mounts on the actual splitter blade. Every car’s set up varies a little bit (ducting, intercooler piping, etc) so you might have to move the splitter rods and rear mounts around to fit best. So we let you dictate where you want to mount the splitter rods and rear mounts. However the holes for the front mounts (the ones that bolt to the tow hook bolt holes) are pre-drilled into the splitter to make your life easy.

Since splitter rods are an add on extra and every car’s set up varies, you may or may not need to drill to fit it to your car.

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