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R Theory NA/NB MX-5 Miata Frame Rail Braces (1990-2005)

R Theory NA/NB MX-5 Miata Frame Rail Braces (1990-2005)

CNC Laser cut and bent out of 304 Stainless Steel, these braces help tie together one of the flimsy weak spots of the Miata's chassis; the "mushy mashed potato" like frame rails.

These rails slip over the pre-existing rails and bolt through your floor with stainless steel bolts and lock nuts. We designed our frame rails to not have any cut outs for a more rigid construction. A set of our Frame Rail Braces weigh 15.7lbs. It wasn’t worth saving a couple pounds to sacrifice protection to the frame rails and rigidity.

The advantage of using these frame rail braces are:

They serve as a strong place to jack up the car and place your jack stands.

Protect the OEM frame rails from speed bumps, race track curbs, or any accidental off road adventures.

Less chassis flex.

They fit all NA and NB Miata's. You will be required to drill through your floor to install them. If you are not confident to drill through your car's floor, we recommend that you take it to a licenced mechanic.

    PriceFrom C$283.79
    Excluding GST/HST
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