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R Theory NA/NB MX-5 Miata V3 Rear Diffuser Kit (1990-2005)

R Theory NA/NB MX-5 Miata V3 Rear Diffuser Kit (1990-2005)

It's here folks, the R Theory Motorsports V3 Rear Diffuser has landed. The V3 was designed with the simple and practical looks of the V1 in mind. Meanwhile incorporating a curved profile similar to the V2, while being taller and more aggressive than the V2. The advantage of designing a diffuser with a curved profile over a simple wedged type profile comes down to one thing, surface attachment. In layman's terms, it allows the air to more effectively follow the upward slope of the diffuser thus creating a low pressure region under the car. Low pressure under the car is what creates downforce.

All V3 Diffusers come with a Matte Black Powder coated finish. The new and current Gen 3 V3 diffusers come welded together. This means no assembly required, it comes to you ready to install onto your Miata. The welded construction method also means it’s now much cleaner looking and better flowing versus the old construction method of being bolted together.

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