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R Theory Weighted Shift Knobs (Multiple Thread Pitches)

R Theory Weighted Shift Knobs (Multiple Thread Pitches)

Introducing R Theory Motorsports Weighted Shift Knobs! Weighted shift knobs are a cost effective modification that improves the smoothness/feeling and precision of your gear shifts. Our shift knobs use a threaded bushing that is reliably held in place by set screws so we can offer multiple thread pitches for more cars. The threaded bushing can be inserted deeper into the shift knob so you can reduce the gap between the shift knob and your shift boot.

R Theory Motorsports Weighted Shift Knobs are CNC machined out of dense brass to give you the weighted feel that you desire. We also nickel plate the outside of the shift knob to give it a beautiful silver colored look that will last for years. The nickel plated finish is available in a polished or brushed finish.


Sphere: 575 grams / 1.26 lbs, 52 mm Diameter x 48mm height

Handle: 555 grams / 1 .22 lbs, 30mm Diameter x 100mm height

Tear Drop: 848 grams / 1.87 lbs, 52mm Diameter x 86mm height


-1 Brass Shift Knob of your choice

-1 threaded bushing of your choice

-2 stainless steel set screws

-R Theory stickers

    PriceFrom C$83.92
    Excluding GST/HST
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