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SPL Parts Rear Knuckle Monoball Bushings R33T

SPL Parts Rear Knuckle Monoball Bushings R33T


Our SPL FKS monoball bushings for the rear knuckle replace the stock mushy rubber bushings with low-friction articulating spherical bearings, eliminating bushing flex and reducing bind/friction. This maintains optimum suspension geometry under load, to improve handling and feedback.Our SPL FKS series spherical bushings feature FK racing bearings with a self cleaning and lubricating Teflon liner for long life and maximum performance. Highly precise (machined to 1/1000th inch) CNC machined T6061 aluminum bearing shell provide an accurate fit. This kit includes replacement bushings for the shock mount, camber arm mount, traction arm mount and toe arm mount for those that run a toe arm vs HICAS. Sold as a complete kit for one car.Made in the USA. Application: 1993-1998 Nissan Skyline (R33) GTR Installation Instructions: SPL Rear Knuckle Monoball Bushings

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