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SPL V3 Front Upper Camber/Caster Arms 350Z/G35

SPL V3 Front Upper Camber/Caster Arms 350Z/G35


Current ETA for V4 (New Version): April 25, 2018V3 no longer available; hardware still available! (RBJ, V2 to V3 upgrade) Our SPL PRO v3 front upper arms allow for camber adjustment for the front of your 350Z and G35. ?ÿOur shim stack system wonƒ??t slip, and allows for quick, easy and repeatable camber adjustment that can be user adjusted for street/track dual duty use, or for fine tuning at the track.CNC machined from billet T6061 aluminum, our arms are lightweight yet stronger and stiff.?ÿ?ÿFK Bearings rod ends manufactured in Connecticut feature a Teflon liner to provide quiet operation, low friction, smooth articulation and eliminates bushing deflection under load.?ÿ The PTFE liner is chemically bonded to the inner diameter of the race. The liner offers a very high load carrying capacity and has greatly increased dynamic wear characteristics. The operating temperatures of the liner ranges from -65?§?ÿto 325?§F?ÿoffering robust reliability for both street and track use Camber adjustment range is -2.5deg to +1deg relative to stock arm; most cars will see actual on-car camber adjustment range of -4deg to -0.5deg, depending on ride height. ?ÿOff-car adjustment of +/- 1 deg of caster can be set independently of camber. Sold as a pair.Made in the USA Applications: 2003-2008 Nissan 350Z (Z33) 2003-2006 Infiniti G35 Sedan (V35) 2003-2007 Infiniti G35 Coupe (V35)

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